Social and Cultural Anthropology

Political Science and International Relations

Real-Time Concurrent Systems

  • W. Jia, " Collaboration System" December 2012 - new real-time collaboration system utilizing an infinitely hierarchical data structure (under revision for publication).

Computer and Cyber Security

  • W. Jia, R. Hsu, "Formal Modeling and Analysis of Bluetooth 4.0 Pairing Protocol" April 2013 - a formal analysis of the security of Bluetooth's 4.0; formally verified known security vulnerabilities and found a new security loophole.
    • Selected as top paper in Stanford's graduate level computer security and analysis class, CS 259.
  • W. Jia, "Decrypting the Morris Code" March 2012 - exploring the Morris Worm, history and lessons.
  • W. Jia, "Cracking Cybersecurity" June 2012 - analysis of cybersecurity policy in the United States, recommendations & improvements.


  • W. Jia, "Primality Testing" May 2012 - an exposition of the Miller-Rabin Primality Test.